Barbershop Nuevostylo

Branding & Webdesign

Project Details


The Client

Barbershop Nuevostylo is a barbershop located in Maasmechelen. 

The Goal

My client wanted a new logo and website for his business. Alongside with printmedia.


What I did

I designed a new logo for Barbershop Nuevostylo together with business cards, flyers and a website. I also toke some pictures in their barbershop to display on the website and social media.

Graphic Design

01. Logo

I designed a logo for my client togheter with four images that they could use in their social media & marketing advertisements.

Graphic Design

02. Business Cards

What would branding be without business cards? These cards are not just business cards. They are also stamp cards that customers can use. For every haircut at Barbershop Nuevo Stylo you get a stamp. When you finish your card you get one free haircut. The design of these cards are based on the corporate identity of Barbershop Nuevostylo.

Graphic Design

03. Flyer

I designed a flyer for Barbershop Nuevostylo.

Graphic Design

04. Advertisement Design

I designed an advertisement for my client that would be placed in a restaurant menu.

Web design

05. Website

Lastly I designed and developed a new website for their business. On this website you can learn more about their business and the services they provide.


06. Photos

I also took some pictures from their barbershop to display on the website and social media.

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