BEN.S.A Klusjesman

Local Handyman

Project Details


The Client

Benaissa Aouad is an experienced handyman who does all kinds of chores from minor repairs to major renovations. He works mostly in the region of Belgian Limburg.

The Goal

Benaissa wanted more customer awareness for his business. He wanted a new corporate identity together with some Social Media presence, so I helped him with this.


What I did

I decided to improve his business with a logo and a business card. A logo is one thing people notice first about a business. Having a strong, memorable logo will help your business stick in people’s minds. I designed a professional and modern looking logo for Benaissa according to his needs. 

In addition Benaissa also wanted a professional business card. Business cards are for small business the most cost-effective option to market your business.

Lastly I helped him open a professional Facebook page and designed a personalized Facebook banner for his business.

Graphic Design

01. A new logo

I designed a brand new logo for ‘BEN.S.A Klusjesman’. The logo has a modern look and represents the fundamentals from his business.

Print Media

02. Business Card

I designed a professional business card for Benaissa were all of his services and contact info are bundled.

Social Media Design

03. Facebookbanner

Lastly I designed a personalized Facebookbanner for Benaissa that represents the core of his business. 

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