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Project Details


The Client

Maasland Hand Carwash is a fantastic place to get your car cleaned in the beautiful town of Maasmechelen, Belgium. What truly sets them apart is their passion for manual washing. In a time when automated car washes are becoming more common, Maasland Hand Carwash is a unique spot as they are among the few hand wash stations in the area.

The Goal

The goal for this project was to create a brand identity for Maasland Hand Carwash to attract more online & offline customers.


What I did

I created a brand new logo for Maasland Hand Carwash together with a billboard and a pricelist that would be displayed in the carwash.

Graphic Design

01. A Fresh new logo

Maasland Hand Carwash wanted a new and modern logo that would represent their business in a glans. I came up with following logo.  ‘Clean, Quick & Friendly’ like their slogan.

Graphic Design

02. Billboard

I designed and printed a big billboard so people would recognize Maasland Hand Carwash from fare away.

Graphic Design

03. Pricelist

I also designed a pricelist that would match the new corporate identity of Maasland Hand Carwash.

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