TMB Personenvervoer

Taxi Service

Project Details


The Client

TMB Personenvervoer is a taxi service in Belgium. They focus on business, private and airport transport service.

The Goal

My cliënt wanted a new website alongside a new logo and corporate identity. 


What I did

I designed a new logo, business card and a new website for TMB Personenveroer.

Graphic Design

01. A new logo

I designed a modern and rememberable logo for their business.

Graphic Design

02. Logo Representation

I designed some visuals with their logo that they could use for promotion in their social media & marketing advertisements.

Graphic Design

02. Business card

I designed a professinal business card for TMB Personenvervoer.

Web design

03. Website

Lastly I designed and developed a new website for their business. On this website you can learn more about their business and the services they provide.

Booking page

I designed a form on which customers can book a taxi ride.

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