Eva's Biological Cleaning

Cleaning service

Project Details


The Client

Eva’s Biologic Cleaning consists of a team of professional cleaners. They offer a wide range of services that meet the needs and wishes of their customers. They focus especially on cleaning with biological products.

The Goal

The goal for this project was to create a brand identity for Eva’s Biological Cleaning and to create a website that displays all their cleaning services.


What I did

First of all I designed a logo for Eva’s Biological Cleaning. They wanted a simple logo that represented the core of their business.

Secondly I designed a website for them with a modern look.

Graphic Design

01. A new logo

I designed a modern and rememberable logo for their business. It displays both aspects of ‘Biologic’ and ‘Cleaning’ and this was important for my client.

Graphic Design

02. Logo Representation

I designed three mockup images that they could use in their social media & marketing advertisements.

Web design

03. Website

Lastly I designed and developed a new website for their business. On this website you can learn more about their business and the services they provide.

Service pages

I designed a page for every service they provide.

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